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Give yourself enough time to really focus on this—figure 30 minutes per draft.Remember to make your comments legible—you might want to use a pencil—and to focus on the BIG PICTURE issues rather than grammar and style.

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Before you work with the response sheet, though, consider the different roles of the writer and the responder: If you are the writer . Based on a work at

Sooo, now you have two or three drafts to work through.

You'll note that I don't use the phrase "rough draft," which suggests you might have just jotted down some ideas on a cocktail napkin!

"First draft" implies that you have given it your best shot, that you have spent time organizing your ideas, crafting your sentences and paragraphs, and in general making sure that your writing makes sense and is free of mechanical (grammar and punctuation errors) to the best of your knowledge.

Therefore, you should have already gone through the revision and editing process for your own draft in order to present it to your audience (in this case, your peer) for feedback.

Just as I don't use the phrase "rough draft," I also don't use the phrase "peer edit," which implies fixing mistakes.It can be frustrating when you put in a lot of time doing a peer review for one of your classmates, and then you don't get such careful or thoughtful feedback on your own draft.On rare occasions, you may not receive any peer review at all from your assigned partner.I got confused about where they were and what exactly caused the crash. Address one concern the author has expressed about their story in their Draft Letter. POINT to some examples of good description you liked in the story. POINT to what you think is the central image or central event of the essay? I was able to picture her return to her room and begin drifting off and recapturing every detail of that day. The central event was when the vehicle rolled back into the carport. I'd like to know what happened when her mother came running over -- was anyone hurt? I figured that I was just unbalanced or needed to go back to sleep. Definitely I think you could describe you opening the gift more. Was it the road conditions or was there something else? Also, avoid simple statements like, “This is a really good paper.” Develop your peer responses with specific suggestions and ideas.Print out your peer's draft; number the paragraphs of the draft so that you can refer in your typed response to instances of spelling and grammatical errors, poor word choice, ineffective or absent transitions, and poor sentence or paragraph structure and development, among other possible problems.Unfortunately, the peer review process can be uneven.However, I think that you will find that you learn a lot about the assignment and even your own draft by doing a peer review for someone else.If you have some ideas or suggestions about the topic that the writer might not have considered, why not share them?If you have some questions that the writer hasn't addressed, why not say so?


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