Parts Of Thesis Writing

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Consult one of the standard reference works listed in Resources for Writers for details.

For a thesis, a list of references is arranged in alphabetic order by last name of the author with the date of publication immediately following the author’s name. Mariani, R., Ottini, L., Caramiello, S., Palmiro, R., Mallegni, F., Rossi, L., et al. Taphonomy of the fossil hominid bones from the Acheulean site of Castel di Guido near Rome, Italy.

the relationship between your chosen topic and the wider subject area; for instance, between obesity in children and obesity in general; between perspectives of risks in communities and disaster resilience; which describes and justifies the methods that will be used to collect your data.

It should be well-developed in order to obtain all the information required to answer your research questions, test a theory or explain a situation relevant to the main aim of the research.

An overview of the research approach, and the techniques and measurements that will be used to analyze data are also included in the introduction.

Parts Of Thesis Writing

The next part of this chapter, or the Body, consists of some or all sections shown below.Here, you would need to make the necessary corrections to some of the sections presented during the proposal stage.For example, you might have to fine-tune your research questions and objectives based on the data you have gathered or what you have found during the research process.The page has been manually constructed by a three-column table in Microsoft Word. Chapter titles or section headings should give the reader a clear indication of the content that follows. Sections may be bold; first level must use title capitalization or ALL CAPS; second level be in title or sentence capitalization –not all caps.Third level headings should be in sentence capitalization.Start this chapter with a short introduction to your research design.In this section, the research questions, hypotheses and objectives must be presented.Research is a process which involves a lot of thinking, planning and writing.It is advisable to think about topics that interest you at the beginning of your program.Compare the two styles in Examples 1 and 2 below.; normally, more than one recommendation is made (e.g., one or more for application of the current findings and one or more for further research) so this word is often plural.If only one recommendation is made, however, then the singular Nordberg (1978) found, for example, that sodium selenite administered at appropriate doses increases the life span of experimental animals given toxic doses of both cadmium and mercury.


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