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When compared to nations like Japan, Mexico, and Britain, the population of jailed people in the U. It represents 25% of the world's jailed individuals. The overpopulation in San Quentin State Prison and Folsom State Prison show the truth of this fact.

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Therefore, there is a correlation between War on Drugs and overcrowding in prisons in U.

Australia's prison system is crowded to bursting point, with new attitudes towards crime and punishment sending record numbers of people to jail.

The average number of prisoners had increased in the late 1990s to over 600 convicts per 100, 000 citizens.

Today, over a half of federal inmates in America are in jail on drug offenses. The high increase of the number of drug convicts has led to overcrowding in prisons. government thus has to change the direction of the campaign.

For instance, in 2012, Folsom State Prison's total number of convicts was 2,912 yet the designated population should be 2,469 prisoners. Instead of focusing on incarcerating people, it should focus on rehabilitating them through community rehabilitation centers.

In San Quentin State Prison, there were 4,223 inmates yet the carrying capacity of the prison is just 3,082 prisoners. The campaign has not led to the discouragement and the elimination of production, distribution, and utilization of illegal drugs. Again, the campaign ought to focus on the key people involved in the production of illegal drugs.

But Ms Rich believes overcrowding does nothing for those, like her, who try to change."Everything's stretched to the limits, there's nothing for anyone," she said.

Ms Rich's view on overcrowding is shared by Christine Wheeler QC, who was one of Australia's most respected Supreme Court judges.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show there are now more than 33,000 inmates - the highest number ever in Australia - and jails in every state and territory except Tasmania are overflowing.

A tougher stance on crime by state governments and courts has sent costs spiralling and created significant overcrowding, but experts and insiders say the consequence may be more crime, not less."There has been an increased escalation of violence inside the prisons, both prisoner on prisoner but also prisoner on prison officers," the Commonwealth and Public Sector Union's Karen Batt said."We've had a large number of prison officers injured, eye sockets broken with billiard cues, a whole range of things and this is occurring time and time again across every jurisdiction."In Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, prisoners are sleeping on mattresses and fold-out beds, and in Melbourne there are so many people on remand, jails are failing to get them to court on time.


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