Organizing An Expository Essay

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an expository essay, and how do you write a good one?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to pen a high-scoring expository paper.

After you've dumped all your thoughts onto paper, you can start to arrange your boxes into an organized pattern.

You will be able to move your boxes around on the paper by clicking and dragging.

Once you have exhausted your ideas by dumping them into boxes, you are ready to identify the major themes.

Decide which of your boxes contain major ideas, then begin to line them up on the left side of your page. Text boxes can be edited in any way, so you can add background colors, highlighted text, or colored frames.

You can select, copy, and paste text into a new document to transfer the words into paper paragraphs.

Some effective organization patterns for a descriptive essay are spatial, which is best used when you are describing a location; chronological organization, which is best used when you are describing an event; and functional organization, which is best used when you are describing how a device or process works.

Many students find it easiest to work with visual cues in the form of pictures and other images to get organized.

If you are very visual, you can use images in the form of "text boxes" to organize and outline an essay or big research paper.


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