Oprah Winfrey Influential Essay

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A woman that looks like me; she is my absolute role model.

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She is a gift to this world and shares her good fortune easily and with a genuine and loving heart.

You only have to look at her programme to know that she sincerely cares for people, black or white, gay or straight, disabled and able bodied. Oprah, like a lot of women has her own demons to fight, her weight, having no children, her family, a brother that died of AIDs and a sister that died of a drugs overdose.

With strong encouragement from her father, Vernon, Oprah’s education and work quickly became a priority.

What I found really interesting about how Oprah got into talk show hosting was that the production team on the evening news she was co-anchoring told her that she’d have to straighten her hair and have surgery on her nose as she looked ‘too black’ which wouldn’t go down well with a white audience.

Church was an important part of her life and to this day she retains her beliefs in God.

By all accounts her mother was not particularly loving or nurturing.

Scrolling through the guide, I landed on a station called BET.

BET is a black TV channel, showing films and sitcoms with black actors and actresses as well as documentaries and biographical programmes.

She later moved with Oprah to an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood where, because of her darker skin, she was looked down on as opposed to more lighter skinned girls; a phenomenon that exists to this day.

She experienced considerable hardship during her childhood.


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