Odysseus Hero Essay

Eurylochus quickly returned to Odysseus and explained the evil doings of Circe.Odysseus traveled to the house of the goddess alone, where she invited him in and gave him the same drugged wine.

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Throughout “The Odyssey” one may make comments about the numerous faults they find in Odysseus’s character such as; his love of glory, and his abiding arrogance.

However, nearing the end of the tale Odysseus does not immediately react violently upon the dreadful sight of the many suitors destroying the heart of his Penelope.

Even as he spoke, he reeled and tumbled backward, his great head lolling to one side and sleep took him like any creature” (Lines 360-366). In this example, Odysseus shows his intelligence, a trait one can infer that the Greeks admired, by lying to Polyphemus to save the lives of his men.

Odysseus and his men blind Polyphemus while sleeping which results in the giant yelling to his brothers that, “Nohbody, Nohbody’s tricked me. Also, after 2 eturning home to Ithaca to find many suitors begging for his wife’s hand in marriage, Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar to avoid attention.

Instead of acting quickly, Odysseus patiently waits until the right time to reveal his identity and surprise the suitors with their own death.

Learning and improving your reputation are the qualities one can infer from the epic that were greatly admired by the Greeks as a heroic trait.With the help of the Messenger God Hermes, Odysseus managed to escape the magic of Circe and threatened her with his sword into changing his men back.Taking responsibility for his men’s lives and sacrificing his own instead of running away from the danger is proof of his loyal character.Instead of acting upon his first thoughts Odysseus takes the time to use his intelligence and realize that Polyphemus is the only way out of the cave.Odysseus offers wine to Polyphemus who then asks his providers’ name, Odysseus wittily replies with “Nohbody: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbody” (Homer Lines 360-361).An example of this mutual relationship is when Odysseus and his followers landed on the island of Aeaea, where they rested to replenish their strength.His men were divided in half and Odysseus and his half of followers stayed behind when the rest of his men journeyed through the island to investigate.Locked away on the goddess Calypso’s island, Odysseus, despite the attraction he feels toward the nymph goddess, stayed as faithful as possible to his Penelope proving his devoted love for her.Calypso had offered him immortality and a life bound her, but with his one goal in mind, (to return home) Odysseus declines the offer proving his loyal character.After finding the palace of the goddess Circe the men were 3 welcomed into the palace by the goddess herself.One man, Eurylochus, sensed danger and stayed hidden outside while the others ate and drank the pleasures provided by Circe.


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