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The sales projection clearly represents Vivacious Nursery’s sales forecast for the first three years into the business.SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY We have the vision of becoming the number one plant nursery business in the whole world.

If you have made up your mind on starting the plant nursery business, and are looking forward to writing a business plan, then it is important you pay attention to this plant nursery business plan sample so as to have an idea on how to write a good business plan for your plant nursery business.

Here is a free business plan for starting a wholesale plant nursery. Table of Content EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Vivacious Nursery is a plant nursery business that has fully fulfilled all the necessary legal obligations that are required to start the plant nursery business. Coleman, whose experience in the industry will be beneficial to the success of the plant nursery business.

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The “nubie, from start to business tool” is an online service which gives you step by step instructions on how to start, fund, manage and grow your business.

This may seem too huge because we are just a new plant nursery startup.

However, we have planned on starting gradually; first from the United States, before taking the number one position in the world.The following are the products we will be offering to our customers.MISSION STATEMENT At Vivacious Nursery, we are very optimistic and fixated on offering the very best products and services in the industry to our customers.The following are the various positions that would be occupied in our business organization: MARKET ANALYSIS Market Trend A growing trend in the plant nursery industry is that most players in the industry are no longer contented with being concerned with just non-organic farming.A lot of them have started being involved in organic crop cultivation.VISION STATEMENT We have made our business vision very clear.Our vision in the plant nursery industry is to become the number one plant nursery all over the world.The owners of Vivacious plant nursery are very keen to seeing this business manifest.Considerable efforts have made towards ensuring that we set up our plant nursery business properly; hence we will be concerned with recruiting only capable hands into the business.The purpose of the business plan is to: There is no requirement on length of the business plan, but it should be factual and clearly written and provide the relevant information required by lending organisations.In producing a business plan, you should seek help from the Kildare Local Enterprise Office.


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