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Nurses are often reluctant to write business cases but, with the right knowledge and support, they can successfully bring a service improvement idea into the strategic arena.Citation: Carter H (2017) How to write a robust business case for service development.

Nurses are often reluctant to write business cases but, with the right knowledge and support, they can successfully bring a service improvement idea into the strategic arena.

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To increase the chances of a business case gaining approval, it can help to present it as part of a wider initiative, rather than in isolation.

Writing a business case is a time consuming process that usually follows a period of data collection, audit and analysis.

It is not difficult in itself, but getting it right can be tricky, especially if the authors are not aware of the local, regional and national priorities that will influence the decision.

A business case should reflect the organisation’s priorities, values and goals, and its author(s) should try to understand the complexity of service development and funding.

This article outlines the national context, provides practical advice for all nurses – and specialist nurses in particular – and gives tips for linking a local service improvement idea to an organisation’s general targets and constraints.

The advice given is not a guarantee that nurses will win their case; however, as integrated health and social care moves forward, it will certainly allow them to share their expertise of working with specific patient groups and identify how their roles can add quality to service provision.NHS organisations are now required to develop five-year plans to determine the key priorities for their geographical areas and identify how services are going to be delivered in an integrated way across health and social care.There is a push towards strengthening primary and community services, as well as encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health.A business case is a formal, structured written document submitted to those responsible for approving and/or funding a service development initiative or project.You will need one if you want to obtain, for example, large or costly pieces of equipment, better information technology systems, additional staff, service changes or new services. By contrast, a business plan is the overarching document describing a major initiative or the strategy of an entire organisation – the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.A clear, concise and comprehensive business case is a good place to start.This article provides nurses with strategic recommendations and practical tips, stressing that a strong business proposal will need to be linked to local and national priorities, and articulated in the language of financial constraints.The government published its mandate to NHS England (NHSE) in January 2016 (DH, 2016a).This set out the objectives, budget and how NHSE’s performance would be measured for the current financial year.There are a number of national documents, frameworks and priorities of which they need to be aware.The Care Act (2014) provided a legal framework for the allocation of money from the Better Care Fund, which organisations can access to promote the integration of health and social care.


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