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Tom Romano's Reflections Defining multigenre writing Multigenre writing is, it's a piece of writing, right?But instead of being an expository monologue, as an essay is, or even a narrative monologue, as a short story or a personal reflection is, multigenre is a piece of writing that is composed of many different parts, many different genres.The trick is for each of the genres to work by itself so it's a complete piece of writing.

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When they started to package their multigenre project in a unique way.

There was one teacher I found out about who, in Oklahoma, packaging was a very important part of the project.

Listen to Tom (mp3) Back Including the arts in multigenre projects I'm this word guy.

So when I started to do multigenre work with my students it was all about the language and the genres. But then I get a surprise where all of a sudden the students started to draw and do artwork in their multigenre paper.

Becky is a drama person, right, a little drama person. And on the last one is a partially completed painting. But if there is room for kids to roll their shoulders, you'll get that kind of thing.

So her students do these incredible presentations at the end where they, where their body is the instrument, and they're just amazing. She is dressed as a nineteenth century French art curator and she brings the class in and she conducts them around each of the easels and then she sits down, from what Becky tells me, at the last one and demonstrates Monet's brush strokes. Listen to Tom (mp3) Back The importance of and types of support students need I think there is a danger in multigenre that I learned about the first year that I taught it and that is that, it was the first year I taught it and I wasn't supporting the kids.

What happens is they start writing, sometimes exclusively, expository essays.

Nothing wrong with expository essays, much of the stuff that I write, that's what I write a lot of.

I showed them the example, and then I was like, let's go, and I wasn't giving them enough support all along the way.

And so when I got the final papers, I think there were probably three out of 26 papers I didn't know what was going on. One paper was about Tom Seaver the former baseball pitcher.


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