Moving To Another Country Essay

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(For example, it may be a good idea to do at least a short course leading to a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) before setting off.) Most of all, moving abroad will help develop your self-reliance and adaptability, and foreign work experience will look great on your CV.

Beyond what you can list on a sheet of paper, working abroad teaches you a lot about the world, and about yourself – which you simply can’t get any other way.

If you are an EU citizen, then any country in the Union has already opened its doors.

But even if you’re not you will still have a lot of options. No matter where you’re planning to move to, you will be able to research beforehand, reach out to people who already live there, and connect with like-minded expats when you get there.

Google Translate is one thing, but now there are even greater demands than before for mastering a foreign language for work or pleasure.

Teaching your native tongue, or a language you are fluent in, can be a great way to fund your move, and often allows you to remain extremely mobile.

English is a vital skill for the vast majority of expats.

It is Europe’s (and the world’s) common language, and will help you ‘get by’ almost anywhere.

Before you make up your mind, we will run you through a few of the big things to consider.

The surest way to put yourself off moving to a new country is to start worrying about the logistics.


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