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I contemplated a 3 or 4 star rating due to the majority sadness that prevails most of the book (this is not an uplifting read) but then I began to think about the human journey and how in reality it is riddled with endings and beginnings just like the book as after all it is all about the journey and not the destination right?I think the French have a term for this: c'est la vie. Many brought me to tears, and there is little that is more interesting to read about than relationships because they're something we can all relate to.Either that, or they just happened to find two dozen writers who write similarly to one another.

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My biggest quibble with this book is the structure/order of the essays.

The editor groups them by stages or categories of love: seeking, finding, breeding, staying, leaving, and bound (yeah, that last category doesn't flow as well).

The final essay in the collection deals with hope and new beginnings, but it wasn't enough to shake the feelinsg from the pages and pages of sad stories from before.

I would have much preferred the essays be mixed up and not categorized so sharply.

One last observation: this is a very New Yorky book.

Modern Love Essays Ny Times

It's a collection of essays from the New York Times, so that's an obvious statement, but be warned: the New Yorkyness may irritate you (as it did me) if you don't live there or put the city on a pedestal.

An overweight woman in a sexless marriage wrestles with the rules of desire.

A young man recounts the high-wire act of sharing the woman he loves with both her husband and another boyfriend.

A female sergeant in the Missouri National Guard, fresh from Iraq, tells what she is not supposed to tell about the woman she is not allowed to love.

These are just a few of the people whose stories are included in Modern Love, a collection of the fifty most revealing, funny, stirring essays from the New York Times’s popular “Modern Love” column.


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