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Begin your lesson with an introduction to dictatorships, which discusses the role of current and recent dictators.Other topics explain the history of dictatorships, characteristics of dictatorships, and the difficulties of ending a dictatorial form of government.Great Events from World History Academic One File 8,000 academic journals, most in full-text...hundreds of podcasts and transcripts from NPR, CNN, etc.

Begin your lesson with an introduction to dictatorships, which discusses the role of current and recent dictators.Other topics explain the history of dictatorships, characteristics of dictatorships, and the difficulties of ending a dictatorial form of government.

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In 1923 Hitler wrote his very successful book Mein Kampf while in prison for leading an uprising.

By 1933 Hitler had become the Chancellor of Germany.

Hitler accused the Jews of subversion and war profiteering. Topic: Hitler, Adolf Language: English Lexile: 1300 Animation The Long Shadow of Adolf Hitler Why does the world continue to be so fascinated with Adolf Hitler when there were other dictators who committed genocide in the twentieth century? He deliberately cultivated mystery and controlled propaganda.

The Nazis thought communism and capitalism were conspiracies against Germany. The Russian dictator, Josef Stalin, and the Chinese leader, Mao, were also responsible for millions of deaths, but no one is as interested in analyzing their characters as people are with Hitler. There is very little personal memorabilia because he ordered it to be destroyed.

Destroying the Jewish people gave him a sense of victory, even though he lost the war.

He dreamed of a glorious Germany to replace the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

This form of government is characterized by absolute power, held by one person.

To find out just what a dictator is, how dictators come to power, and how dictatorships end, explore the pages of this article.

Topic: Dictators, Dictatorship Language: English Lexile: 1510 The Coming of World War II Historical events involving Adolf Hitler led up to the beginning of World War II and this text explains Hitler's role in anti-Semitic practices that became an integral part of his political program.

Hitler's political career is traced back to 1919 when he joined a party that is now known as the Nazis.


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