Mexican American Culture Essay

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- When Emilia Castaneda was a young girl in the 1930 's, her entire world changed. Officials told her and her brother they could stay in Los Angeles. They had to declare themselves orphans and become wards of the state.

Her father was a Hispanic male, but she was born in America. Emilia refused the offer saying that "she had a father"....

A in history from Turfs University, A master degree in educational policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Ph. He is currently a professor at Boston College in Massachusetts teaching in the Political Science Department.

For this book, Peter Skerry has eight other co-authors that helped but this book together, they are; Joaquin G....

Over the last 400 years, immigrants from different parts of the world left their countries for different reasons, some for war in their homelands others for economic and social reasons.

Mexican community was one of the first group of people that stablished a strong presence in the country; therefor had and still has big influence in the development of the United States economically and industrially....

[tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico] - With the recent presidential elections with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it has many people talking about the accusations that Trump said about Mexicans and other ethnic groups.

Donald Trump mentions that he is going to build a wall and will deport all Mexicans because the only thing they bring is crime.

Many as 500,000 Latinos and Mexican-Americans served in World War II, which impacted many of them in the United States.

Mexican-Americans were drafted or volunteered for the military services.


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