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It would have been nice if that experience of humanity changed me on the spot, but it didn’t.

I went back to my dingy house and got drunk out my mind, blasting white power music with my white power buddies, and slurring some nonsense about Jews taking my money from my paycheck and giving it to lazy black people.

But as the money went from my hand to yours, the swastika was revealed.

The look in your eyes for the split-second they met mine before I shamefully looked away is still clear as day over two decades later.

Today I share this ongoing process of learning and growth.

Over the past eight years, I have had face-to-face contact with over thirty thousand people, and exponentially more via media worldwide.

A story that couldn’t be quite the same if you weren’t in it. With love and gratitude, Arno There are still a few candles yet to be lit for Chanukah, the Festival of Lights.

And even when the last menorah candle is out for the season, there will be plenty of Christmas trees and Christmas lights to illuminate the darkness.

The many people who crossed the street rather than pass me on the sidewalk were wise to do so.

But that first time I walked into the Mc Donald’s where you worked, I was met with your smile, as warm and unconditional as the sun. I was such a pathetic lost soul that a genuine smile made me quite uncomfortable.


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