Math Key Words For Problem Solving

************************************************************************** You might also be interested in: Addition and Subtraction Concept Posters BUNDLE Addition Concept Posters and More! The first step in solving a word problem is always to read the problem.

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The grouping symbols are usually a set of parentheses, but they can also be sets of brackets or braces.

In translating expressions, you want to be well acquainted with basic keywords that translate into mathematical operations: addition keywords, subtraction keywords, multiplication keywords, and division keywords, which are covered in the four following sections.

An algebraic expression is a collection of numbers, variables, operations, and grouping symbols.

You will translate an unknown number as the variable .

The last four keywords can be found in word problems and may indicate addition.

When an expression begins with the leading keywords SUM or TOTAL, the leading keyword defines the corresponding AND.************************************************************************* PLEASE NOTE The use of the "keyword" method cannot successfully stand on its own.It must be coupled with good instruction in the reading and comprehension of word problems and student guidance.The first two keywords (SUM and TOTAL) are called leading keywords because they lead the expression.The second two keywords (PLUS and INCREASED BY) are keywords that indicate the exact placement of the plus sign.This pack does not contain any math story problems.************************************************************************** To make the key word cards simply follow the instructions that are included.Problem solving: Problem Solving: Key Words to Solve Math Story Problems: This is a set of color coded math key word cards for all levels.This set contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and division key words that often indicate which operation you will use to unlock math story problems.Two other keywords on the addition keyword list, PLUS and INCREASED BY, can be correctly translated by the direct translation strategy.In the direct translation strategy, you translate each word into its corresponding algebraic symbol, one at a time, in the same order as written, as shown in Example 4.


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