Master Thesis In Linguistics

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A thesis is an academic essay, written by the student in consultation with two supervisors.

The thesis must show that the student is capable of summarizing and analysing existing literature in a critical manner, formulating one or more well-defined and motivated research questions and of conducting independent research.

The student then suggests an approach to arrive at possible answers (‘hypotheses’) to the research question. Once the student has selected a topic, formulated a research question and put together a provisional bibliography, the Thesis Proposal form can be completed (see Thesis Proposal form).

The research can be done by comparing views found in the literature and/or by collecting and analyzing primary (e.g. The Thesis Proposal form should include the title of the thesis and a description of the topic.

More details on examination committees can be found here.

Students must follow all Graduate School requirements for formatting their thesis.Students should start out by formulating a clear plan for the structure of the thesis, in consultation with their supervisor. Questions of style will only become relevant at a later stage.Keep in mind that information which may not at first be included in the thesis might be useful later on, e.g. It is important to be precise and systematic in writing down one’s sources to avoid wasting time and looking up the sources and notes again at a later stage.Students should approach a lecturer and discuss with him/her the chosen topic and potential research question(s).The supervisor, also known as ‘first reader’, will be able to recommend relevant literature. At this point, clear agreements should be made concerning the supervision procedure.Students can start work on their thesis once they have earned at least 20 ec for MA courses.In order to graduate, students must have completed 40 ec worth of courses and have written the master’s thesis, consisting of approximately 17,000 words.Students defend their Ph D thesis to an oral examination committee consisting of four members, including their advisor and two other members of the Linguistics Graduate Faculty, plus one member external to the Linguistics program.Three members of the final oral examination committee will serve as reviewers of the dissertation, including their thesis advisor, one other member of the linguistics graduate faculty, and one member from the field of the minor or the supporting program.You can search or sort through it by faculty or study programme.Students are responsible for finding their own supervisor.


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