Marijuana Legalization Essay Titles

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Also, not only does enforcement have to arrest these people but also they have to pay for each individual case.

Another way it could help out the justice system is by opening up jail spots.

Many hard drugs such as painkillers, heroine, and cocaine are drugs that are very destructive to your health and possibly even your life.

Marijuana should not be put under the same category as these drugs.

Also, it is clear that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful to a person that marijuana.

That’s why I don’t understand how the policy on marijuana isn’t equal if not more in favored than the policies on alcohol and tobacco.

Livin’ by the W’s Marijuana is a drug that is always being talked about all over the media.

There is constant debate on whether it should be legalized or not.

Another very good reason to legalize marijuana is how much it could save our government money, and maybe even make money out of it.

Marijuana is very hard on our justice system financially.


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