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The day arrived, and I went to pick up this young man called Tommy, he lived in a shared house with two other people with special needs and had carers who helped them.Tommy had been in care since he was 13 as both his parents had died, he was an only child and did not know any other family members.

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I was 21 years old and expecting my first child, the year 1970, the days before scans and tests for any anomalies in pregnancy.

I attended all my antenatal checks and always left with a strange feeling that although I was pregnant, the same as the other soon-to-be mums, I had a weird feeling that something about my pregnancy was not the same as the others there.

I did not see why they could not marry and live as man and wife as long as they were supported.

The wedding day arrived, we were up at 6AM on the wedding day, July 15, 1995, and the house was so busy with bridesmaids (all her friends from the centre).

The road ahead was very hard and I was continually told that this sort of child did not happen to young women of my age, it only happened to older mothers usually in their change, you can imagine I was in shock and did not have a clue what the future held, all I could see in my mind was a child being taken along with a stupid hair cut, long socks and frumpy clothes. The next week I was in a daze and finally went to the hospital to be given the results.

I kept thinking that they had had it all wrong and my baby would be ok.

As she got older, she became a nightmare and would escape from any window or door and she would be off.

She also loved to visit the bathroom of any place we visited and proceed to lock herself in, she could move quicker than the wind, and gave me many a grey hair.

The sister hurriedly said we cannot commit ourselves and you must wait to see the specialist that evening.

The specialist was late by at least an hour and had to come from another hospital a distance away to see us.


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