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As the boys grow more savage, their belief in the beast grows stronger. The spears fell out because they hadn’t no barbs on. I was chosen.’ Why should choosing make any difference?

As the boys grow more savage, their belief in the beast grows stronger. The spears fell out because they hadn’t no barbs on. I was chosen.’ Why should choosing make any difference?By the end of the novel, the boys’ behavior is what brings the beast into existences, so the more savagely they act, the more real the beast seems to become. Jack one of the young boys who were stranded on the island is very savage, for example when Jack cannot bare the thought of someone else telling his story about how he killed a pig, he begins, ” we spread round. The pig ran away and made an awful noise- it turned back and ran into the circle, bleeding we closed in- I cut the pigs throat.” Golding 79. It only takes one person to become uncivilized and the others will slowly follow after. Just give orders that don’t make sense-‘ Piggy’s got the conch.’ That’s right-favor Piggy as you always do’ ” pg 98 another example of this is found in it says, “At this, Jack requests a vote from the group to remove Ralph from power.

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In Lord of the Flies, Jack was the dominate person. When Ralph attempted to instill some rules so things could run smoothly, Jack refused to listen to anything he said, for example when Golding wrote, ” Jack! At the beginning of the book, Kino goes to the doctor to find help for his baby boy, who was stung by a scorpion.

When he arrived at the doctor, who was ” not of his culture.

Page 1 Young children who are left unattended will slowly loose their civilization, which will turn into, Savagery, Power, and Fear.

Civilization is when man meets his basic needs in a healthy manner.

The boys do not try to make peaceful contact or communication with the foreign living being in front of them.

The vulnerability of the "beast" as it comes out of the forest is not taken into account by the boys, that maybe the "beast" has feelings and is scared.In this way, the Lord of the Flies becomes a physical manifestation of the beast, a symbol of the power of evil, and a kind of Satan figure who evokes the beast within each human being.Looking at the novel in the context of biblical parallels, the Lord of the Flies recalls the devil, just as Simon recalls Jesus.The extent of oppression and domination of the doctor and Kino, can be obviously seen. When William Golding used fear he chose to pick on one person which was obviously shown. His legs straightened, the screams became continuous and foaming.For the doctor is the dominator and Kino is the oppressor. Which was the person who was hated by the person who had the power and that was Ralph. He shot forward, Page 5 burst the ticket was in the open, screaming, snarling, bloody.This shows us that people who are taught to be civilized will sometime turn uncivilized and take it out on other humans. Jack disappears, inviting all who want to be a hunter to join his new society.” Table of contents this shows that Ralph still has some power but Jack is slowly taking it away from him.Another part of civilization is power, someone must have the most and someone must have the least or in other words someone must be dominant, and someone must be oppressed. Another example of dominant power in uncivilized people is in the book the Pearl.Savagery is when people revert back to their lost human instincts.Power, in the case of Lord Of the Flies it’s a position of ascendancy over others: AUTHORITY."At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt onto the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore.There were no words, no movements but the tearing of the teeth and claws (153)." Here, the reenactment has turned into an execution of the "beast".


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