London Examinations Igcse Mathematics Past Papers

We hope you can participate in filling out these surveys to give us the most accurate statistic for our research.

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I'm also going to use this post to give a bit of general info on how you can collect your CIE results.

The results will be released at 0500 UTC on 13 August 2019 and they are usually collected via logging into the online portal here.

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There is very little difference between the exam boards for maths GCSE, so choose whichever you can find a convenient exam centre for.

Hi guys,so basically I am looking the new Edexcel business syllabus past paper WBS11 and WBS12, if anyone has a past paper please send it because I need it for practice, my exam is on Jan 2020.thanks please reply. We are a group of IGCSE students, and our Global Perspective Team Project topic is about Human rights.

Specifically, we chose same-sex marriage as our main idea.

Thankfully I’m feeling a bit better and have decided to get some qualifications hence this post.

As a little bit of background the school I went to did a 3 year GCSE course which I did a year of so I have a bit of background knowledge but obviously I’ll need to start again. Obviously my parents are going to call and get a better understanding, I just thought this sub was probably a pretty good starting place.


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