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Each section can feed its own Logic Instrument track.To change the Instrument track MIDI channel, simply look in the Instrument section of the Inspector window to the left of the Arrange page and reset the MIDI Channel from All to the desired channel number.Finally, record-arm all the instrument tracks and ensure that one of them remains selected before engaging record.

However, as soon as you stop recording, it automatically moves to the correct tracks as the automatic de-merging kicks in.

As we're in a MIDI frame of mind, let's look at how you can set up hardware MIDI control of software parameters and record plug-in automation.

If you use the default settings when feeding in two or more MIDI controllers, however, you'll find that all the incoming data gets merged and sent to the selected MIDI track regardless of how the sending devices are set up.

Here's how to get around that: With that done, you can set a specific MIDI channel for each sending device and for the corresponding instrument track that you wish to receive that data.

For this first article we will cover setting up transport controls and some simple mixing options.

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We’ll be mapping the diamond pad on the k-mix to the transport, and the faders on the K-Mix to the volume control.

The M-Audio Axiom AIR series is a powerful family of controllers that leverages every capability of your recording software.

This guide covers how to manually map the transport controls, knobs, and faders of your Axiom AIR keyboard with controls in Apple's Logic Pro X.

Open the controller assignments editor by pressing OPT SHIFT K.

In the right hand column, click to select an assignment and press DELETE. You could also click on a controller device in the left hand column and delete the device which will deleter every assignment linked to that device.


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