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Similarly, estimates from the Australian Women's Safety Survey, which strictly focused on the prevalence of physical and sexual violence experienced by women and the nature of this violence, reported that 8% of women have experienced at least one incidence of violence, perpetrated by an intimate partner.These cross–national estimates capture the reported (actual or threatened) violent incidents from crime victim surveys.The last nationally conducted survey found that an estimated 16 percent of married Americans experienced domestic violence within the previous year.

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These rates are comparable to those found in Europe, although the reports of estimated prevalence of family violence vary due to differences in definition, data sources and sampling (Hagemann–White, 2001; Kury, Obergfell–Fuchs, & Woessner, 2004).

For example, the British Crime Survey estimates 26% of women and 17% of men are physically assaulted and/or threatened with violence by an intimate partner (Byron & Mirlees–Black, 1999).

This distinction is important because not all conflict can be deemed violence, but conversely, violence should not be euphemized as conflict.

Family violence continues to negatively impact the healthy development of children and families across the country.

They exhibited violent behaviors throughout their life.

Overall, studies that focus on the power of the social learning theory, have found that there is a strong correlation between witnessing or being victim to abuse in childhood, and being violent towards your intimate partner in adulthood.What Makes a Person Violent: Literature Review Since the beginning of the human race, domestic violence has been present.However, it was not until recent centuries that people began to look at it as a crime.It was something that they were used to and had seen many times.These findings however, did not only apply to intimate relationships, but rather to life in general.The term family violence encompasses child abuse and neglect, spousal violence (intimate partner violence), and elder abuse.Throughout this document the term family violence is intended to be inclusive of all forms of abuse in the family and the term spousal violence signifies abuse within the context of an intimate adult relationship.In the divorce literature, high–conflict couples are identified as those that require extensive and lengthy court involvement to resolve disputes post–separation.Family violence issues are present in a majority (but not all) of high conflict separations (Jaffe, Austin, & Poisson, 1995; Johnston, 1994).However, Canada has been a forerunner in collecting these data through methods other than crime surveys.Statistics Canada has completed several comprehensive telephone surveys on the topic of family violence (Statistics Canada 2001; 2004a, 2005).


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