Literary Analysis Essay On Of A Salesman

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As he tries to live the American dream he venerates those who have been successful at doing so, like Thomas Edison, B. The extreme to which he followed the dream brought him to disillusionment and lose sense of reality.

Willy created a reality for himself where he “knocked ‘em cold in Providence,” and “slaughtered ‘em in Boston” (p. The ultimate result of his disillusionment is his suicide.

There is also a manner in which he pursues the Dream.

He is a salesman, a profession that is associated with trickery and illusion.

When people accept an ideal to live by it can be a glorious and noble thing unless they become so obsessed with the ideal that it becomes a yolk and they are unable to realize their dream.

Literary Analysis Essay On Of A Salesman Write A Comparison And Contrast Essay

This is especially true for Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman.

He could not pursue a noble dream by doing something that is based in deceit.

His quest was cursed from the start and the fact that he lived the quest and not the dream made it worse.

The play story is miserable as it challenges the audience to have a review of their personal wellbeing.

The main character, Willy has lived best part of his life employed as a sales representative.


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