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We decided to include singing, dancing, music, and traditional costumes that each performer could pick.

The talent show was a great success, and it could never have happened without harnessing the power of the team.

In our supplemental scholarship section, you will be asked to answer the first two questions below.

You may also be asked a third major-specific question depending on the academic preferences you list in your Common Application.

First, please note that for a good reason, I have chosen not to write these essays to the required UC word count. There is the very real possibility that someone will copy the writing entirely and use it as an actual response. There were about 20 members in the club, but most of them didn’t come very often.

We met to discuss the unique aspects of our culture in the United States, and my job was to get more members and figure out ways to show our culture to others.We encountered a number of obstacles and disagreements along the way, but nothing that logical discussion and decision-making couldn’t overcome.In the end, I couldn’t have been happier with the result—for the four hours of the event, I heard the laughter of the attendees amid the various types of music being played.It’s like a bundle of sticks—alone, each one is breakable. In ninth grade, I set a goal for myself: I wanted to increase the presence of the Latino Culture Club at my school—I wanted it to be one of the clubs people talked about and actually wanted to join because they enjoyed it, not because they felt like they were required to.I initially joined the club because I wanted to share the beauty of Latino culture with others, and hopefully, even improve race relations at [my school].But I decided that the best way to get ahead and reach our goals was to use: teamwork. And we also had many more suggestions about what to do.As a team, we were not only stronger, but we had more ideas. After this, one of the best suggestions came up, we should put on a talent show to show the different kinds of culture we had amongst ourselves.While this supplement is optional, we recommend you fill it out regardless.If you do not answer these questions, you will not be considered for OU leadership, community service and major-based scholarships.Please answer all of these questions in 650 words or less.* - The third, academic-based question is asked by certain academic departments.


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