Law And Order Antithesis

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Also, Fuller often speaks of Calvin as if he is the representative of Covenant theology.

The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology stirred up a maelstrom of resistance from Protestant reviewers when it was first published in 1980.[1] The response from Reformed reviewers was perhaps the most vehement.[2] Covenant Theological Seminary’s (P. A.) journal Presbyterion published a duet of reviews criticizing Gospel & Law.[3] These reviews were followed by a rejoinder from Fuller himself,[4] which was in turn followed by more articles criticizing Fuller’s position.[5] This exchange is emblematic of the backlash that ensued after the appearance of Gospel & Law.

He writes, “there [can] no longer be any antithesis in biblical theology between the law and the gospel.

However, this idea is a distorting oversimplification of the historical picture.

As is widely known, “‘Covenant theology’ generally designates the distinctively covenantal theological structure developed by Cocceius, Witsius and others a century after Calvin, and this tradition differed from Calvin’s theology in some significant ways—not least on the relationship of law and gospel.”[11] Does Fuller know that citing Calvin in this way can lead to mischaracterizations of Covenant theology?


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