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Students at USC Annenberg learn from the best and graduate with a range of experiences and contacts that will be of great value throughout their careers.Academic Advisement All undergraduate communication majors are required to meet with a USC Annenberg undergraduate adviser each semester to review degree requirements and plan their communication major progress.

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Accreditation Requirement To meet accrediting guidelines, journalism majors must complete a minimum of 72 units outside the major area of journalism and public relations.

For more information regarding major requirements for the Annenberg School of Journalism, please visit the USC Catalogue.

They still write traditional text-based pieces, but they may also film documentaries, record podcasts, create photo essays, help run 24-hour TV broadcasts, and keep the news at our fingertips via social media and the internet.

Collectively, these various journalistic media help members of the public learn what is happening in the world so they may make informed decisions.

Faculty USC Annenberg faculty members are among the top scholars and professionals in their fields.

They include renowned researchers, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalists, and leaders in fields including law, education, publishing, government, advertising and public relations.Through this team-teaching approach, students will establish their reporting and writing expertise across multiple platforms.In an integrated Media Center experience, students will acquire the editing, production and digital storytelling skills to produce journalism across a range of media.Students begin the GSP online tutorial sometime during the semester in ASCJ 200, JOUR 201 or JOUR 207.It will last eight weeks and should be completed by the last day of class.The most important difference between journalism and other forms of non-fiction writing is the idea of objectivity.Journalists are expected to keep an objective mindset at all times as they interview sources, research events, and write and report their stories.The program offers courses that explore the essential components of a contemporary journalism education, including media literacy, ethical constructs of social media, a civic engagement lab experience, coding for storytelling, and law and ethics for the digital age.At the conclusion of the degree program, students will produce digital portfolios and personal websites featuring their best work at the school.Students who do not complete the online tutorial will not be allowed to progress in the program.Journalism Requirements (44 units) Plus 12 upper-division journalism and/or public relations elective units.


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