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A few verbs use the preposition " à ", a few others " de " and others nothing.

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Danielle Rousseau recorded a distress signal two months after her arrival on the Island.

On the day after the crash of Flight 815, a group of survivors took a transceiver from the cockpit and trekked to higher elevation in an attempt to call for rescue. Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci" Iteration 17294534 : "Il est dehors. Veuillez nous aider." Iteration 17294535 : "Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir.

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Visit Stack Exchange French Language Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the French language. Sign up to join this community Here it means "to" (the "to" that forms part of an infinitive verb, such as to drive), and it functions as a way to link "essayer/try" to "vous montrer/show you", and luckily this is how we do it in English also.

Below are the messages heard in " Iteration 17294530 : "Si qui que ce soit puisse entendre ceci, ils sont morts.

Je vais essayer d'aller jusqu'au Rocher Noir." Iteration 17294530 : "If anybody can hear this, they are dead.

" Iteration 17294535 : "If anybody can hear this, I'll try to make it to the Black Rock.

The message is somewhat similar to Rousseau's initial plea for help.

Le "for" je l'avais mis comme un pense-bête et j'ai oublié de revenir dessus, et le "condemn..." c'est de la frappe au kilomètre même pas relue.

Y and En are pronouns that replace previously mentioned nouns and quantity of nouns. Oui, j'y vais (Translation: Yes I am going there) Or negative: Non, je n'y vais pas (I am not going there). So, consider the following scenario: You are at a party and ready to leave. I think sedy gets 'the point'; what I think they meant was - can 'je vais' embrace by implication 'I am leaving here' just like 'I'm going' does in English.


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