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The purpose of UNESCO is clearly stated in its constitution which states “Since wars begin in the minds of men it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”1. UNESCO wants that an individual in the development of creative arts must not feel obstructed by restrictions of a particular nation, language and culture.

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In the study of social science special attention should be paid on the development of critical power of reasoning.10.

In the study of social science the class and the school should be used as laboratories of society for the development of spirit of citizenship.

In the teaching of world geography the natural wealth of a nation should be clearly specified.

The world problem of food should also be included in it.4.

The problems relating to international tension and co­operation should be studied in the study of social science.

In this connective the work done by UNESCO should also be noted.7.

In the teaching of social sciences the development of human personality should be studied in connection with human relations.5.

The affectionate interrelationship between the various human societies should be emphasized in the study of social science and distinction of race, colour, creed and levels of education, and culture should be ignored.6.

Essays must be 800 words or less in English, French, Spanish or German; or 1600 characters or less in Japanese, typed or printed.3.

Essays must have a cover page indicating(1) category (Children or Youth) (2) essay title (3) your name (4) address (5) phone number (6) e-mail (7) nationality (8) age as of June 30, 2012 (9) gender (10) school name (if applicable) (11) word count. Copyright of the essays entered will be assigned to the organizers.


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