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Currently, I devote two or three hours to the “Junior Achievement Program” in my city’s elementary school by lending my hand, my advice, and my support to the children.These volunteer experiences have given me the chance to improve the community, but I now want to do something more substantial.

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Through my role as an investment and credit advisor, I am responsible for ensuring that clients receive the best financial advice possible.

This often entails legal research on my part due to the complex legal issues that surround many credit and investment transactions.

I have worked closely with the legal department of the bank and have learned a great deal about estate, collection, and repossession law.

This work has enabled me to guide my clients more effectively and has also taught me to delegate tasks beyond my competency to more experienced experts in the field.

I had seen women and children begging on the street for money, but I did not know what to expect as I made my way through Calcutta’s twisting, claustrophobic streets.

My lungs filled with the delightfully pungent aroma of Indian spices and incense as I turned a corner and faced the gates of Mother Teresa’s orphanage.

A single lawyer can help some, but a law professor can inspire generations of jurists to pursue social justice.

I have always been very inquisitive and interested in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

The children inside the orphanage were no richer than those begging on the street, but they had the benefit of a caring environment, which transformed their poverty-stricken lives into something resembling a normal childhood.

There is no solution to, and certainly no justification for, childhood suffering, but it is important that we play our own small roles in consoling and helping young victims of poverty.


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