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Use them with care, however; overuse of italics and quotation marks is often seen as affected and patronizing. “He likes to talk about football,” she said, “especially when the Super Bowl is coming up.

Note: Whether directly quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing material, ALWAYS cite your sources. A good place to start is MLA’s page on Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty. Use single quotation marks for a quotation enclosed inside another quotation.

The great march of “progress” has left millions impoverished and hungry.

For words used as words themselves or for technical or unfamiliar terms used for the first time (and defined), use italics. Use a comma to introduce a quotation after a standard dialogue tag, a brief introductory phrase, or a dependent clause. Nachas explains, “The gestures used for greeting others differ greatly from one culture to another.” D. Nachas explains cultural differences in greeting customs: “Touching is not a universal sign of greeting.

Instead, employ italics as they were originally meant to be used.

Quotation marks can be reserved for short works such as articles in periodicals, book chapters, short poems and songs, and other shorter items.(See italics above)Do not use quotation marks for referring to the books of the Tanakh or Holy Bible, suras of the Qur’an, or other sacred texts or to cite legal documents, but do use them when you quote a Bible or other textual passage, “In the beginning…”.Use quotation marks to indicate words used ironically, with reservations, or in some unusual way.Examples: “He asked,” “She stated,” “According to Bronson,” or “As Shakespeare wrote.” Use a colon to introduce a quotation after an independent clause. While members of European cultures meet and shake hands as a gesture of greeting, members of Asian cultures bow to indicate respect.” He said, “I may forget your name, but I never remember a face.” History is stained with blood spilled in the name of “civilization.” Mullen, criticizing the apparent inaction, writes, “Donahue’s policy was to do nothing” (27).Note: When parenthetical information falls within the closing punctuation, the information is shown to pertain only to that sentence.When the citation falls outside the closing punctuation, it is taken to mean all material since the last citation: Mullen, criticizing the apparent inaction, suggested that Donahue’s policy was one of inaction.He also noted that such policy was foolish in the extreme.The law on how much material you may directly quote legally varies both with the genre/medium involved and with the use to which it is put. For example: The agricultural reporter for the newspaper explained, “When I talked to the Allens last week, they said, ‘We refuse to use that pesticide.’ “ Omitted words in a quotation.If you leave words out of a quotation, use an ellipsis mark to indicate the omitted words.Only italicize very long UTube videos such as hour long TED Talks. In general, always defer to the publication’s choices. Here are some specific examples: Artworks: Michelangelo’s It may have caused brain damage.The last words I’ll remember as I grow old and ready to die will probably be, “Things may happen, and often do, to people as brainy and footsy as you” Notes: 1)Do not add an additional period to end such sentences.


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