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Multidimensional barriers to information and communication technology adoption among senior high school teachers in Ghana.

The analysis led to the identification of a series of problems which were classified into school-level, teacher-level, student level, and system level.

A conceptual framework for e-Learning in developing countries: A critical review of research challenges. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 8(1), 136-155.

This study looked into attributes (proposed by Rogers, 1995) contributing to adopting ICT, and, more importantly, addressed the relevance of ICT to the socio-cultural context of Libya and adaptations that need to be made for successful adoption and use of ICT.

The participants were selected based on availability.

TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 9(3), 85-95.

The perceptions of students, teachers, and educational officers in Ghana on the role of computer and the teacher in promoting the first five principles of instruction.

Professional development in adopting technology into teaching and learning: Knowns, unknowns and ways to pursue better questions and answers.

Culture and gender aspects of students’ information searching behavior using the Internet: a two-culture study of China and the United Kingdom (Doctoral Dissertation), Open University United Kingdom.

In fact, the computer’s integration in human civilization and endeavor has reached such a level of penetration and pervasiveness that, whenever it evolves, human civilization evolves in parallel.

Therefore, far from representing an inaccessible domain, computer science is perhaps one of the most relevant academic disciplines being pursued in universities, labs and research institutions today.


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