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It seems like everything that could possibly be done in a household is listen in her essay.The essay makes it seem like the wife is the only person who can get anything done in the house and the partner only needs to bring home a paycheck to keep the house financially stable.There are many ways this essay could be interpreted, but I believe that Brady had an idea of how she wanted people to interpret the essay.

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Many believe that a wife’s role is to stay at home to take care of the house and the children.

We are at a point in time where that role isn’t always the case.

This quote indicates that a wife’s job is to take care of the children and to make sure everything goes smoothly in the home.

The member of the audience would appreciate this quote if the audience member disagreed that a wife needs to be the only one worrying about the well-being of the children.

Brady also gave examples of how she wanted a wife because of everything that a wife takes care of.

Brady gave examples of things that a wife would do in everyday life, as well as the roles of a wife in special situations, like at a dinner party or on a vacation.

The way Brady described a wife was very powerful to feminists in the 70’s.

The roles of women have changed drastically since Brady wrote her essay, but many people still believe that a woman’s role is to be a wife.

Just because the wife is a wife does not mean that the wife should have to do the long list of things that Brady has described and it may compel someone to speak out.

When it comes to Brady’s audience, the essay is aimed toward people with beliefs that the role of a woman does not just take place in the home, doing all of the planning for the family and taking care of all of the family member’s needs.


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