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Since the body is made up of multiple paragraphs, it is important that they are consistent with one another.Use transitions to introduce new paragraphs such as “firstly.. thirdly...``,''finally ``,''moreover ``,''furthermore ``,''in addition”, etc. Support your ideas by presenting facts and figures, statistics, quotes, examples and other strong evidence.

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To write an effective essay, you should choose the right type of essay.

There are different types of essays and you should know about them if you are looking to craft a well detailed and significant essay.

A straightforward rule exists to write winning essays, every time.

Follow the following structure: Your introductory paragraph should act as a roadmap for the rest of the essay.

Remember to add the following information to your body paragraph: Concluding your essay holds the same importance as the introductory paragraph.

Often students make the mistake of ending their essays abruptly without a proper conclusion.Writing an essay can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you lack creative writing skills or don’t enjoy writing at all, or both.Most of the students are aware of the basic steps to write an essay. Read on and master how to write an essay that is well-researched, detailed and tailored for an A grade.Avoid using “To summarize, to conclude, to sum up, etc.” Don’t introduce new ideas or arguments at this stage.Instead, share the scope for the future, a futuristic overview and persuade your reader about your point of view and restate the thesis statement.In these paragraphs, the main information about your topic is presented.Use related sentences and show connectivity with your thesis.If you choose the right type of essay according to your skillset and writing, it will help you write a clear and cohesive essay.Following are a few basic types of essay: Argumentative essay writing is a way of explaining yourself to the readers.Let’s have a look at examples of thesis statements and distinguish between strong and weak thesis statements.A: “The technological advancement has revolutionized human interaction, medical progress, scientific invention and economic ventures but also manifested insecurities and privacy issues.” B: “Internet has assisted humans in numerous ways but also affected them.” A or B?


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