How To Develop Problem Solving Skills

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Understand expectations about Problem-Solving within academic culture 3.Articulate the skills & dispositions needed for Problem-Solving 4.Recognise & apply the four-step problem solving process After this module, you will be able to 1. The University of Sydney is one of the world’s leading comprehensive research and teaching universities, consistently ranked in the top 1 percent of universities in the world.

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The ability to effectively solve problems is one of the traits that the greatest leaders possess.

For those who are not that effective at problem solving, the good news is that it is a teachable skill.

Apply learnt problem solving and creative ideation skills to a real-life context and reflect on personal learning processes After this module, you will be able to 1.

Understand the structure & expectations of the course 2.

Using the Evernote Clipper app, you can save and archive information you find online, so that when you are faced with a problem, it is easy to search your Evernote folders to see if you have any information that can aid your problem solving.

The more you work with the Graham Wallas Model, you will be better able to hone your problem solving skills, and you will find yourself implementing more creative solutions.

And like most innovators, Wallas built on the work of others.

In this instance, he built on the work of Hermann von Helmholtz, the German physiologist and physicist by adding another stage to the process.

If it doesn’t solve the problem adequately, go through the four stages of the problem solving model again.

Additionally, in 1939, 13 years after Graham Wallas outlined the problem solving model in The Art of Thought, James Webb Young introduced “A Technique for Producing Ideas.” James Webb Young built on Wallas’ work by adding another section to the model.


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