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Monday, April 8, 2019 ELA: Vegetarian article for review; due Tuesday.Quiet Focused Reading Read Aloud Social Studies: Battle of Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill) Illustrating entry for Shot Heard Round the World notebook entry.

Students did receive their atlas homework which is due on Wednesday, April 10th.

Thursday, April 4,, 2019 ELA: Literature or Informative review task cards for review Quiet Focused Reading Read Aloud Correcting of materials from Wednesday Social Studies: We watched April Morning.

Our first trip to the IMC for a tour and opportunity to check out books rounded out the time. IF you desire having your child receive a $1 book for the next nine months, please send that $9 also. There may be a few tired children; many said they plan on sleeping in tomorrow. We will change their clothes, use them to post work...sure to look at our gallery in the near future. How every "rule" fits into respecting self, others, and property was discussed. We continued getting to know each other (me) and how we work best for success. Friday, May 3, 2019 ELA: Read Aloud Book Clubs Phobia perspective writing READ over the weekend, please!

A letter to themselves about their first week of school was also accomplished. 5, 2019 We worked on creating "people" for the hallway. These will be displayed in our hallway for the school year. I feel with that connection made we are off to a great beginning!

Friday, April 6, 2019 ELA: Informative MCA practice passage (rereading, thinking, answering question process....) Task card review Figurative Language Team challenge Read Aloud (Thinking!!

) Reading Buddies ended our day so we did not have social studies.A green permission slip for Biz Town should have come home today. Biz Town takes place on Monday, May 13th and IGO on Friday, May 17th.Please complete and return to school at your earliest convenience. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (April 16-18) I apologize. Most students completed the reading portion of their MCAs.Read Theory - Wednesday Social Studies: Biz Town curriculum in preparation for Biz Town experience on May 13th!Checking account transactions are done daily (making out a deposit ticket, keeping a check registry, writing out checks, recording all deposits and payments in the registry (even when using debit cards).Team challenges for story element review and non-fiction/informative question answering.Social Studies: Completed chapter 8 story review questions.This movie allows children to feel a bit more what war might have been like, what the times were like...during the beginning of the Revolutionary War.It was also one more source to compare how information is portrayed. ELA: We completed a word knowledge development inventory (to know of how they spell certain pattterns in words, etc.) We also finished a reading survey. Thanks again to all of you who were able to come to conferences; it was great getting the opportunity to meet you prior to the start of the year. It must have been staff pictures that broke the equipment!! Today was a lot of organizing, touring, and getting to know each other. ) We did make planning book entries, but I did not get around to check everyone's. A reminder for them to work on their "Me Bags" would be appreciated, also. ) I modeled what they are today, so I am confident all children are good to go on them!


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