Homework For Grade 2

Homework For Grade 2-17
I also found this “moldable” eraser which can be manipulated with as much ease as blu-tac, but still rubs out pencil.Alex likes to hold it and gently presses into it every now and then.This worksheet definitely helps to make writing spelling words enjoyable and FUN! Alex completes his Maths work from school and then for the following days, as with Literacy, I make up some worksheets or games for him if there is something he needs to work on.

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Aquí tienes una lista de las competencias de matemáticas para los estudiantes en 2.º de primaria.He may not enjoy writing too much, but he definitely loves hands-on activities, so I include something new each week.This week he did a beading build-a-word activity: Salt tray writing which we took from lil’ Filip: A spelling addition worksheet (available in my Tp T store here): He asked for it the next day too. We each guess which word we think will have the most points and he thinks it’s so much FUN to find out which word will win! In fact, if he is doing Literacy and finds something stressful, he asks to do Maths first and then we get back to the Literacy work afterwards.Estas competencias están clasificadas en categorías: sitúa el cursor sobre el nombre de una competencia para ver una pregunta de ejemplo.Para empezar a practicar, solo tienes que hacer clic en el enlace que quieras. After many tests and what seemed like forever, our pediatrician told us that he doesn’t have ADHD/ADD, as we feared, and that he is a perfectly healthy little boy with a LOT of energy.Alex does not agree with my philosophy, but he admits that putting things away in “the spot they should go” ensures that will be there when you need them again 🙂 His homework books and other things from school are stored in the pull-out drawer under the writing area of his desk.Small things like these help to make the writing part of homework a much more enjoyable experience.After he’s done, we do some fun word work activities together. In the meantime, we have to be patient and help as best as we know how. He will – eventually – learn to control his impulse to move and fidget.


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