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Would they all necessarily share the same viewpoint? Now explain that students will be put into teams to publish newspapers.Half the class will be assigned to write for a newspaper which supports Napoleon, the other will write for a newspaper which is a detractor.

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Introducing the newspaper assignment Ask students how they might feel if they were living in 1815 after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. Would they be fearful that what might come next would be worse? List on the blackboard several hypothetical French characters such as: A French mother who lost two sons in the Retreat from Moscow in 1812 and who lives in a village with families still grieving for other young men who died during the many years of warfare under Napoleon's rule.

Discuss with the class how these people might have reacted to the news of Napoleon's defeat and why.

Because it is to throghly cant teach a condimmed man dignity, because he himself feels that Jefferson is the average black fool, and is j...

Grade level: 7-12 Subjects: History, Language Arts Estimated Time of Completion: 3 class periods to set up the assignment and show related segments of the video "Napoleon." 1 to 2 weeks of research, writing and meeting time for students. From the attributes they name try to get a working definition of both labels.

For grant to be able to do this, grant undergoes a series of psychological changes and becomes a hero in his own right.

By Grant teaching Jefferson to die with dignity and by Jefferson learning how to die with dignity they both initiate a change in the community by refusing to fulfill the expected expectations placed upon them by a racist white society.(Both words have Greek derivatives.) Now pose the question: Are these terms mutually exclusive?Is it possible that a hero could be a tyrant or a tyrant a hero?or Episode Four - approximately 13 minutes into the film with the image of the fire and end at approximately 24 minutes in with the images of horses and sabers.This covers the battles of Borodino and the retreat from Moscow.This slap in the face echoes throughout the black community. When grant get there Jefferson is cold and unreceptive when Jefferson finally does talk he gets on the floor and buries is head in the food like a hog. During this whole time grant despises being at the court house.If Jefferson dies like a hog it will prove their white counterparts right. Emma ask grant to take the responsibility of teaching Jefferson to die like a man. He feels that this isn't going to help his community at all.Regardless of the conclusion students reach on this conundrum, explain that in the newspapers they will write, students will have to view Napoleon as one or the other, much as at trial a lawyer must lend support wholeheartedly to the side he or she defends.Invite students to probe deeper into defining these two terms by posing the following questions, or encouraging students to pose their own: Although Napoleon assumed dictatorial powers, he became First Consul as well as Emperor with the enthusiasm and approval of the French people.Divide the class into the two halves (without yet assigning them their newspaper teams) to watch sections of the video "Napoleon." Now access or print out the Timeline from the PBS Napoleon Web site.Choose several significant events in Napoleon's life and ask the class how those events might be viewed positively or negatively, depending upon one's viewpoint at the time.


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