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Give them the same respect that you would give any other person that you came in contact with during your day.

The biggest thing that insults homeless people is to be ignored, taken for granted, or, worse, stigmatized.

Remember, respect goes a long way, so respect people no matter their circumstances.

Fundraising is a very important element of the homeless.

By raising money you can you help the family get the personal items that they need and might not be able to afford.

The money raised from the fundraiser can help homeless families that have been placed in an apartments pay their utilities, get food, and hygiene products.There are many shelter and other organizations that receive funding to help the poor.Why not put your time to use through one of those outlets?However, there are some people that can’t afford to buy these items from Good Will or Salvation Army.Donate to a churches and /or shelters so that the needy can get them for free.Even the smallest efforts counts and that can be achieved by Volunteering some of your time, Donating food/clothes, Respecting them, and having small fundraiser to assist them with personal items that they cannot get themselves.Volunteering your time to help the poor does not cost any money.You don’t have to be a world class gourmet chef to donate food to needy people.A big heart and fresh harvest or canned items will be adequate in sharing your bounty with others.Habitat for Humanity has short-term and long-term trips as well as local programs.Volunteering at a soup kitchen is more flexible and does not require a long-term commitment.


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