Group Problem Solving Scenarios

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While there are several ways in which problem-solving tactics can be learned, in this article we will focus on some of the most effective group problem-solving activities for adults. For the simple reason that there is nothing quite as effective as games, to get one to learn the basics of problem solving.When you put it in the form of games, it takes the pressure off 'learning' something.

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Give them a calculated amount of time for solving this one.

The team that manages to solve the web first, wins. Provide each of these teams with materials like straws, newspapers, cello tape, string, cardboard material and 1 raw egg. Now ask them to extend their right hand and grab hold of the right hand of another member in the team.

Divide the people in groups and then ask each group to pick out chits.

Each group is given a calculated time to prepare a skit based on the situation. This activity requires tremendous planning skills and the ability to handle a stressful situation. Each team is provided with a number of deflated balloons, water, water guns and an empty bucket.

The fact is that any situation, function, activity (and whatever other context you can think of) will have the emerging of problems at one point or the other in its course.

Group Problem Solving Scenarios

Nothing can function smoothly from beginning to end.

A person needs to keep a watch on everyone while they are doing the exercise.

If anyone's hand slips out, the team is disqualified.

On the other hand, some workfields will see a higher demand in jobs. Manpower Group, the third largest staffing firm in the world, calls it the “skills revolution”.

Employees that upskill themselves and employers, out of a visionary leadership, facilitating their employees as such.


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