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” Prototype your idea: launch it, test it and tweak it ‘live’ in the marketplace.If you have a web-based business, it’s possible to monitor it, get feedback and then adapt your offering in a short space of time – maybe even overnight.“In researching my e-book, I spoke to entrepreneurs and CEOs, and many confessed that ‘planning is actually guessing.’ They shared the belief that success is about trying out ideas in the market, not building theoretical models,” Ian recalls.

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A lot of companies have used business greeting cards as a marketing tool all year round.

However, not much thought is given to formulating an actual strategy with this tradition.

you need to get your long-term business plan sorted before launching your idea.

That’s the typical approach, but according to Ian, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can plot elaborate theoretical models all day long, or you can grab your Ian Sanders is a business coach, marketing expert and author, with twenty years’ experience in business.

Exemplification Essay Sample - Greeting Card Business Plan

He’s helped both big brands and small enterprises with the launch of new ventures and taking ideas to market.

In a business context however, there are some tweaks that you should consider.

It may be economical to print the same message on all of your greeting cards.

Which means that a linear plan might not be the best way to reach those targets.

“How can you plot on a business plan those random opportunities you spotted on Twitter or that new client you accidentally met in the coffee shop? “And who can predict how things will look in five months, let alone five years?


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