Graphic Design Personal Statement Resume

This is where you can highlight up to 5 or 6 of your outstanding projects.A Graphic Design CV must show how you can deliver outstanding results for clients, your employer or both.

multimedia, content management systems) by introducing a small number of subheadings into your table.

Don't take up too much room on your Graphic Designer CV with this.

The most effective presentation is in a table with three columns and a number of rows.

You can group the software applications into categories (e.g.

Visual creativity a Graphic Design CV is fine, but this should never impinge on the clarity of the text.

If you use images or limited colour, ensure that it does not detract from the effectiveness of the written communication.

While budgets are impossible to include, feedback and reviews are valuable information.

As there is a technical aspect to a graphic designer's work, it's worth including a Skills section on a Graphic Design CV.

You should add some description about the project, so that the reader is motivated to take a look at your work.

Again, the more relevant the projects are to the work the employer is likely to request of you, the better.


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