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I have been obsessing over the past few weeks about whether or not I will get in. My undergrad is neuropsychology, I have a 3.6 GPA, and must only take the analytical writing portion of the GRE. I am going into my 4th year as an occupational/physical therapy aide at an outpatient rehab clinic, and have logged over 4,000 hours in that position.

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O well, im grateful to have my undies in a wad about this instead of something more serious..... Relocating is not an option due to family obligations. I have a 3.7 GPA and a 4.0 in all of the pre-req's.

But I only got a 4.5 on the analytical writing section of the GRE. I will be applying to the Colorado State University MSOT in December 2009.

I would go to the OT dept of the school you are interested in and ask them for a peer evaluation of what you need to improve your application sheet.

I have done this during undergrad and it worked for me.

However, I also think doing what you love is important.

If OT is something you love, and fulfills you then at the end of the day it should be worth it. It is worth it when at the end of the day as long as I can still meet my basic needs.I am scared to death that the amount of my student loans will offset any financial advantage i would have in holding a master's degree. I will be 30 years old entering the workforce and will have 50-60k in debt....I ever be able to retire????? I just run into a guy who is an OT, accumulated a huge amount of loan attending Ot school--about 60,000 is unable to repay it.Anybody here have advice or experience with coming out of school with loans, or managing student debt while in school? I have heard the work settings that offer hella bonuses only do so cus the job sucks OT is what I have wanted since I had a long stay in a rehab setting following some TBI's in 01.... He quit the OT career and went into sales for a pharamaceutical company so that he can be able to repay his loans. I think most OTs have huge student loans and that is why you don't get much feedback on this topic.I know what population I would like to serve and it seems like OT would be my best route to do so.I guess it just ticks me off that people at my school are talking about getting stipends for a Ph D in psych upon getting their undergrad, or having the local hospital pay all of their tuition for getting a BSN.For you, since you have a Bachelor's already, consider retaking some required prereq's to show you wanted to better your GPA; write a kick-ass essay for the OT application, practice your interview skills; Highlight your work/volunteer experience; again, talk to the prospective OT schools you want to apply....making yourself more known will help them paint a picture of how determined you are.... When I was accepted, the OT dept secretary saw me in the cafeteria and asked, "Hey, congrats on getting in!" Mots of the dept remembered as that guy who worked harder at trying to get in, maybe kiss some butt too. I am in the middle of applying to MSOT and MOT programs for fall of 09.Federal and various state laws are in place that preclude persons with criminal backgrounds from being in contact with children and patients.Where these laws apply, you will be required to undergo a criminal background check, which may include fingerprinting and a search of federal and state criminal databases. A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination and/or attain state licensure.You can still receive a Master's in OT but you have to complete prereq's to apply to a program. Seek academic advisement from an OT dept to get you started. Relocating is not an option due to family obligations. Seeing this comment has totally altered my opinion and now I am torn.It's what I want to do, but is it worth the time and money?


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