Good Attention Getters For An Essay

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A sticker showed a swastika over a Star of David and the words “Want more oil? By Edwin Dobb)Narrative stories paint vivid images for the reader, as this great attention grabber does.” It’s up to you as the speaker to show the audience how the speech you are about to give is relevant to their lives.Think in terms of the audience’s needs and let them know how your speech will help them fulfill those needs.As a result of this legislation, the paychecks of delinquent fathers can be garnisheed in order to recover child support payments.The problem of deadbeat dads is larger than most people suspect.Writing the Introduction It’s no accident that most good Hollywood movie scripts follow this pattern: exciting opening (think Saving Private Ryan), an interesting and easy to follow storyline, and a memorable finish (think Shawshank Redemption). Because of this is, your introductions and conclusions always need to be exceptional.Screen writers realize that their audiences put a lot of stock into first and last impressions. Gaining the audience’s attention is always the first thing to do in your speech.People generally don’t tune into speeches beginning in the middle, so you’ve got to capture their attention right from the start.There are a number of different devices that work well for gaining the audience’s attention: Establishing credibility and rapport begins with your attention-getter and continues throughout the rest of your introduction.Most essays don’t begin by stating the thesis in the first sentence. You wouldn’t ask someone out on a date without introducing yourself first, right? Likewise, you wouldn’t jump right to the thesis without an attention-getter and background information in the introduction. You can then set the stage with some background information on your topic.An attention-getter is often referred to as the “hook” of the essay. Once the reader is hooked, he or she will be warmed up for the thesis. In 2010, the prison population rose to 7,225,800, a whopping 14.13 percent increase, and rising much faster than the rate of the regular population.


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