Global Warming Assignment

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It should be obvious that sunlight heats the earth: it gets hotter when the sun shines, and colder at night when it doesn't. You know that radio stations have different frequencies.

On clear dry nights it can get very cold indeed, but if the sky is cloudy, or overcast, then it doesn't get so cold. The more clouds there are, the warmer it stays overnight. When you tune your radio to your favourite station, you are telling your radio receiver to block all radio-frequencies except those that the station uses.

Without clouds most frequencies of heat escape into space and it gets very cold overnight.

When there are clouds, some frequencies of heat are blocked from escaping into space, keeping it warmer.

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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Guest post by Kevin Judd Climate scientists are telling us that gases like carbon dioxide are causing global warming.

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