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Both the terms coast and coastal are often used to describe a geographic location or region (e.g., New Zealand's West Coast, or the East and West Coasts of the United States).Edinburgh is an example city on the coast of Great Britain.

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In these areas the wave energy breaking against the cliffs is higher, and air and water are compressed into cracks in the rock, forcing the rock apart, breaking it down.

Sediment deposited by waves comes from eroded cliff faces and is moved along the coastline by the waves. Sediment deposited by rivers is the dominant influence on the amount of sediment located on a coastline.

Tides often determine the range over which sediment is deposited or eroded.

Areas with high tidal ranges allow waves to reach farther up the shore, and areas with lower tidal ranges produce deposition at a smaller elevation interval.

Submersion is where sand is moved from the visible part of beach to a submerged nearshore region.

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Accretion is when the sand moved during submersion is moved back to the visible section of beach.

In many island nations such as those of the Mediterranean, South Pacific and Caribbean, tourism is central to the economy.

Coasts offer recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, surfing, boating, and sunbathing.

Observe that the sand and rocks have been darkened by oil slick up to the high-water line.

Many major cities are on or near good harbors and have port facilities.


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