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The case was so scientifically important that the government funded a team of scientists to help answer the many questions that her conditions posed.

The case was so scientifically important that the government funded a team of scientists to help answer the many questions that her conditions posed.

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After thirteen years and seven months of unimaginable torture at the hands of her father, Genie was finally given the chance to learn how to live as an average human being.

In the first years after Genie’s liberation, psychologists, linguists, and other scientists became interested in Genie, seeing in her near-total isolation a unique chance to study many aspects of human development.

Genie, the second case of wild child was found in a room tied to a potty chair.

Genie was kept in a room locked away because her father thought she was retarded at birth until the age of 13, when she was rescued by a social worker.

Victor progress slowed down and he never really learned to talk.

Victor died in his 40's in 1828, Victor died without a happy ending.

Genie's brain waves were adnormal, but doctors believed that she could learn.

They began teaching and trying to develop her brain through forming relationships.

Her father, Clark Wiley, hated children and quickly tired of hearing baby Genie’s cries.

As a result, at an early age, he threw her in the basement with nothing but a wire cage and a potty chair with a homemade strapping device.


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