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The line referring to his hands caked with dirt shows you that he must have to work outside and the drinking is probably to relax after a hard day of work.This would also show the love he has for his daughter if he dances with her even though he has worked all day and is probably tired.Some of the poems that I will be looking at today do in fact use rhyme in most all of the verses.

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Of course the democracy is not the only theory of government.You are happy for this child because she is shown as loving it, but at the same time you see so many negatives.You are shown love from a happy sense of spending time with a father, but you are shown all the bad things about a man who drinks, and works manual labor.Most if not all of the lines in the two poems ends in continuing rhyme.The two poems I will be talking about are, My Papa’s Waltz and The Mother.In autocracy is a form of government where one person holds unlimited power over the rest of the country.This is something seen in places such as Saudi Arabia where the single King has complete rule or something seen in other places where a single leader has complete control.Although it wasn’t an easy thing to do this child did it and loved every second of it.This poem throughout has a way of drawing you to the story that is told.There are many different forms of government many of which are found around the world.In America the most popular form of government is that which we have now and which we have enjoyed since our birth and that is a democracy.


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