Forefathers Essay

Man has explored the universe and reached other planets.Despite all these advancements the modern man has lost his peace of mind.

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The reason is that man in the past led simple life.

They had no material desires that is why they were satisfied and calm. On the other hand, modern man loves material things more than fellow human beings.

Instead of looking out at the rest of the world from an American perspective, it rises above national boundaries to place the past in a global context. At a time when the role of the United States in the world has never been more dominant, or more vulnerable, it is crucially important for us to see how the United States fits into the jigsaw of international relations.

Weintraub indicates how American history may come to be written in the future.

Tuberculosis, malaria and plague etc are no more deadly diseases now.

Life expectancy has increased and child mortality rate has significantly reduced.Meanwhile, smugglers, with the full connivance of the colonists, were getting rich at the expense of honest tax-paying citizens.The recent French and Indian War had doubled Britain's national debt, but the Americans, who were the most immediate beneficiaries, were refusing to contribute their fair share.But we are weak and hollow due to our mad chase for the materialism.We have not yet learned to use new discoveries for our benefit.To see that story through British eyes, as Stanley Weintraub's "Iron Tears: America's Battle for Freedom, Britain's Quagmire: 1775-1783" enables us to do, is to see an all-too-familiar tale reinvigorated.Weintraub reminds us that justice did not necessarily reside with the rebels, that the past can always be viewed from multiple perspectives.Edward Gibbon, who knew something about the ups and downs of history, opposed the rebels from the House of Commons.Samuel Johnson called them "a race of convicts" who "ought to be thankful for any thing we allow them short of hanging."Observed from across the Atlantic, the story of the Revolution looks very different from the one every American child grows up with.Agricultural procedures have not only become easier but also productivity has increased.In the field of medicine man has overcome a large number of academics that have ruined the society at times.


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