Fleet Management Business Plan

“Looking at man hours per unit, we were able to figure out how many technicians we needed and that current staffing levels weren’t meeting our needs,” Campbell said.Fleet team members knew they needed more technicians to achieve the desired turnaround times, but they couldn’t add staff without adding dollars to the existing contract.“We believe the door is still wide open for a partnership of Tom Tom with an industry player in automotive,” they said in a note, citing Toyota as a possible partner.

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Shares in the Dutch company jumped by 17 percent to 7.25 euros on the news, but that only recovered about half of the one-day loss suffered last week when Google announced a far-reaching supply deal with a group of carmakers including Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Campbell and team started to dig in to the data further.

In reviewing vehicle equivalent units on both the light and heavy sides, they learned the ratio of vehicles to technicians was too low.

“We’re projected to save 0,000 right off the bat,” Campbell said. Campbell said it was an effort involving extensive planning and countless decisions, large and small. Even before bringing maintenance in house, the City of Fort Wayne fleet team knew a lot about its fleet.

For instance, staff members knew they needed very specific turnaround times to improve fleet availability.

While Campbell and team knew all of this data, the one thing they didn’t actually know was the technical staff. ” Those conversations (and there were many) spawned the important next step: writing a business plan.

Because the city’s fleet team was only allowed to talk to management for the outsourced company and not directly to the workers on the shop floor, they missed out on interactions that could have resulted in improved performance, greater efficiency, and reduced costs. The management team met weekly to map out its “new business” of in-house parts and maintenance.


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