Filling Station Business Plan

All of these oil products are dispensed and sold almost wholly through Petrol Filling Stations.

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It is important to be clear on what the merits/benefits are before agreeing to be one as that will help him/her make the right choices.

On the other hand, an independent marker is one who owns a Petrol Filling Station as his personal business under his own name.

are usually on the lookout for individuals who are intending marketers ,who have the needed funds and logistics that they can sponsor trade.

With the current price regime of crude oil products in Nigeria after the recent removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal government, the amount which goes into the purchase of petrol alone in a day is roughly 5.8 billion naira.

As well as serving as documentation for future purposes.

It is equally advisable that the filling station is built close to a major road so motorists can gain easy access to the station.A filling station also known as petrol station or gas station is a place usually by the road side where fuel is sold for cars, motorbikes and for home use.Because of the high number of cars in Nigeria and the bad state of electricity supply, Nigerians overwhelmingly depend on fuel bought from petrol station to meet their elector city and transportation need.It is often joked, that even the electricity distributing agencies use petroleum products in their offices to run their day-to-day operations!That is how much crude oil is of important in Nigeria.Unlike other business endeavours, filling stations do not necessarily have to be in the metropolitan cities as the demand for oil products is nationwide.Although those in the urban areas might have slight financial advantages over those in the rural areas.This has made Filling station business one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria.Nigeria, the giant of Africa is unarguably one of the biggest oil producing nations in the world with very large crude oil deposits around the entire South-South, South-East, and South-West regions of the nation, both tapped and untapped. From exploration to mining and even to exportation and marketing crude oil and its refined products.It is no exaggeration that most of these millions of generators used in the country run on either petrol or diesel.The Industries, Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, Religious Institutions and in fact everything in Nigeria depends on power generated privately from petroleum products consuming sets.


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